This series of photographs was compiled at the feast of St Philip in Żebbuġ, Malta in June 2014. The shots are a fresh take on normal festa photography, focusing on the traces left by people and fireworks rather than on the event itself. The stark contrast between the smoke, garbage and […]

The Valletta Project is a study in images and shapes used to represent the Maltese capital city. Photos and patterns that characterise the city are used to tell the story using typography. I extended the project to create a easy way-finding system for cruise ship tourists who have a short […]

Mistura (a duo who writes songs in Maltese) approached me to design the sleeve of their freshly-recorded album ‘U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur’ back in March last year. Having had the privilege to be one of the first to listen to their album, I wanted to create an evocative visual which would […]

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