Graphic Design

Akustika were a series of concerts organised by like-minded musicians who enjoyed playing live acoustic music.

The University of Malta organises an open week called Discover University annually. The event needed a visual identity refresh with vibrant gradients paired with black and white photography. The identity had to appeal both to teenagers and their parents.

The Valletta Project is a study in images and shapes used to represent the Maltese capital city. Photos and patterns that characterise the city are used to tell the story using typography. I extended the project to create a easy way-finding system for cruise ship tourists who have a short […]

Mistura (a duo who writes songs in Maltese) approached me to design the sleeve of their freshly-recorded album ‘U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur’ back in March last year. Having had the privilege to be one of the first to listen to their album, I wanted to create an evocative visual which would […]

Maltese band Relikc approached me to create artwork for their debut album The Code of Antics. The inspiration for the album came from their varied styles of songs, each with their own character but making sense as a whole. To translate the code visually, I decided to create a code with […]

Inizjamed approached me to create a booklet featuring over 20 Maltese authors making a name for themselves. The booklet was made available at the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival 2017.

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